Create the life you want and make an impact

Ever had the thought of starting your own business – doing the work you are so passionate about, so you can create the life you want?

Hey creative, multi-passionate rebel, I see you.

You love creating. You love helping. You love being independent. You live for the moments where you get to do whatever you want to do and feel energized by the thoughts of every day doing work that you love – where no day feels the same, but you still get to create an income.


  • Maybe you are a parent that wants or needs to stay home but still wants to make her own money.
  • Maybe you are the kind of person that wants to help people live their best life because you worked hard to be where you are today.
  • Maybe you are an artist dreaming about selling your work and create a self-sustaining business based on your mad skills.

But knowing how to get started about launching your business, building a website or what the heck is a sales funnel – just feels overwhelming and frustrating.

And yep – some days it just feels like a drag writing that newsletter or creating a social media post.

If your business would solve your own problems of frustration, imagine what it would to the people you get to share your gift with! It feels so powerful and yet so scary all at the same time.

So instead of

  • Working on a business plan
  • Figuring out exactly what you do
  • Own your skills + knowledge to not underprice
  • Developing content for your blog
  • Marketing your business to your audience

You keep waiting and waiting…

  • Waiting for the right time to take action
  • Waiting for an open space to take your place
  • Waiting to have the stars aligned and magic to flow

In the meantime, you see other people doing their purpose work, living in their passion and every day looks like they have it all figured out in which they get to wake up and do whatever they want every single day.

And when you think about your dreams + goals

  • You feel they are way too far out of reach
  • You don’t fully believe that your brilliant idea is good enough
  • You think that no one will want what you have to offer

But you’re so good at what you do and you live for the moments that you get to do your purpose and passion work. So why does starting your business feels so overwhelming, frustrating, and out of reach?

Because the world has taught you that it is not safe to be who you are – do make a living with your passion and purpose – and that it’s much safer to live by the rules of society – you know the one graduate high-school, go to college, get a job, retire after x-number of years and wait for death to show up.

But I have to ask, who wants to live like that?

Like seriously?

And the good news is that it really doesn’t have to be this way. 

You can rewrite the rules on how to do life and business.

Because when you are determined and committed to your purpose and passion work you

  • Go all-in without a safety net and have a leap of faith
  • Take action and balancing creativity with strategy
  • Are bold and brave to let people know what it that you do

And honestly, all of that can be really hard at first – to have the confidence to do the work you are here to do, to price your products and services in a way that feels good, and find ways to do the marketing that isn’t going to drain the energy out of you.

To all of this, I say,

Welcome to my world where I get to be your guide and support into the world of becoming a business owner.

Price for Lifetime Access: $1997

Payment Plan Available 

But who am I?

I’m Petra Monaco – founder of The Rebels Den. But I am also a published author, artist, entrepreneur, mom and breaks the status quo for fun. As a foster kid, I know the challenges and excuses people make because I faced them when I worked my way through to become a Master’s level therapist.

However, after watching my son fight for his life due to a rare genetic disorder and three liver transplants, I now help creatives and multi-passionates to stop waiting for “one day” and the “perfect moments’ to start creating the life they want now.

After 20 years of having failed and created a successful business (online and offline), I understand the struggle to get started with your business and how to maintain momentum when things are tough.

The sole mission for me and my business is to help people create the life that they want and I do this with integrity and commitment.

Welcome to the Rebel’s Academy

The Rebel’s Academy isn’t about telling you the rules of how to do business. It’s about finding what you do and how you will do it and find the marketing strategy that works for you so that you are feeling aligned, in integrity and human connection.

The modules and lessons are thought out share different ways of doing business with snippets of my own journey and with the monthly coaching calls, you get to refine and define what strategies make the most sense to you and who you are.

This is not a course or has a linear way of moving through – and while I would recommend starting with the Business Framework even if you’ve been in business for a while – the content inside is here to support you and your own business journey.

And in addition to all of the content already inside – I’ll be adding more periodically but not only will you get a monthly coaching call, but there are also weekly office hours where no question will go unanswered!


A lack of strategy will not give you the results you want. Having a strategy will help you take consistent action so that you can reach your people for your product or service. Get access to the trainings and resources that will help share your message to your people, grow your email list and increase visibility.


Here at the Academy we do not quit until we get the results we want. And we also know that when one strategy doesn’t work, there’s a strategy that does but this requires a willingness to stick with it and test out something new, analyzing results and keep building your skills. The Acadeny has mindset resources and productivity guidance to help you.


I’m here to support you and be your accountability partner! There isn’t a “one way fits all” method for building and running your business. Enjoy 24/7 access to ask anything at anytime in our private community. You’re about to receive unlimited support, daily accountability and the opportunity to speak to us first hand.

  • Business Framework
  • Strategy + Planning
  • Take Control of your Time Module
  • Create your WordPress Website
  • Content Creation
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Crafting Lead Magnets
  • Finances
  • Customers + Clients + Community
  • Marketing Bundle
  • Goal Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Habit Health Mindfulness
  • Accountability + Support in a private community
  • New Trainings, Workshops and more added monthly
  • Weekly Office Hours to ask questions

The Rebel’s Academy was created so that you can

Stop worrying about your business with your own marketing and business coach and mentor, Petra Monaco, ready to answer all your questions, no matter how silly they seem.

Reduce the overwhelm so you can make the things you need, work for you with all the marketing expertise and training you will need to make everything in your business work at your fingertips (even if you are doing your best to avoid tech.)

Never feel alone again or unsupported again as you will be part of a community of amazing, supportive, like-minded successful creative business owners who will never get bored hearing about your business, your ideas, and who love to share their own experience and knowledge with you too.

The support you want and need with guidance to help you grow into the business leader that you are. 

Stop that procrastination with your own extra pairs of helping hands and fresh pairs of eyes for when you can’t see straight to keep you focused and on track.

Have a place to plan, get encouragement, get guidance, be accountable, brainstorm, learn, vent, celebrate, find your mojo, and feel ready and supported to achieve your dreams + goals.

And you can stay for as long as you need to. No contracts to tie you in.

Just had a really great conversation with Petra Monaco! This lady is pure brilliance & heart. Her patience & amazingness makes her a clear beacon of hope. My soul gravitates to people who care about others. What an honor it is to know this great woman.

“The money will follow the good work you do” – Petra Monaco

Trezelle Morgain

Petra is a breakthrough coach. She opens up anything old and unneeded within you to help you jump and leap into all of who you are. She helps you dive deeply into the heart of things in order to discover your next steps. This in turn creates greater courage and realness that comes from within. I can’t thank her enough. I will of course stay in touch and connect with her should anything else come up.

Aishwarya L.

I thought I knew what Petra was going to share with me when I booked a session with her, boy was I surprised! She listened to me, without judgment, and gave me things to take action on right away that made a real difference. Feeling overwhelmed and putting myself last was my daily reaction to everything that has to be done, and I thought I had dealt with a lot of these things a long time ago. Petra’s help inspired me to set up a new framework so that I can get things done AND take care of me. Have a conversation with her, I recommend it!

Julia R.

Petra is a great support by offering a practical plan to clear away personal road blocks so I can stay connected with my true intention and goal.

Kerry L.

This is why I love you!!! You call bullshit when it’s needed! Since our talk the other day I have made a CONSCIOUS effort to CHOOSE how I feel, to CHOOSE to let go of the shit I’ve been holding onto that I thought I let go of a long time ago, whoops guess not! lol and to put myself out there even more, not let a damn thing hold me back from the life I want and deserve and I’m feeling fanfuckingtabulous!!!!

Lulu A.

Petra has amazing energy, spirit, and honesty that provided space for clarity and remove stickiness from my life. She’s warm, smart, and compassionate coupled with a fantastic laugh that inspires you into action and removing doubt.

Michelle McClintock

Petra has been a true lifesaver. I came to her with a website that had many issues I was unable to fix. Petra fixed them quickly and taught me a few things in the process. I have been utilizing Petra’s expertise for a while now and I’m pleased beyond my expectations. She’s affordable, professional, and a pleasure to do business with. Because of her vast knowledge, affordability, and quality of work, I will continue to hire and refer others to Petra!

Thank you, Petra for all you do!

Nahkila Isha’

The Rebel’s Academy

I want this membership experience to be accessible for entrepreneurs at any stage of their business. Getting started can be so overwhelming but when you commit to showing up for your business and grow the skills and implement the strategy you can and will do amazing things in business.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Who is the Academy for? The academy is for small business owners and entrepreneurs at any stage of business. Whether you’re an absolute beginner with no digital know-how at all, or you’re doing the kind of alright but feel like you could do better.   

My business is just an idea right now, I don’t even have a website. Is this for me? Absolutely. It’s perfect for anyone who has been toying with the idea of turning your dream into a reality as it takes you through everything you need to get a business up and running online.

Why would I choose this over other membership sites? I have carefully created this for you, and this will only grow over time. From startup to growth and everything in between.

What’s your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds for change of mind.

I don’t have a PayPal account, how do I pay?

When you click the Sign-up/Join Now button you can choose between Paypal and Stripe – both of which will allow you to use a credit card.

What if I miss a payment on the payment plan?

Missing a payment will result in your membership being temporarily suspended until payment is made.

When will I get access to The Academy?

Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive an email confirming that your membership has been activated, along with a link to the private membership area.

How much time will I need to invest?

That’s entirely up to you. Spend as much or little time reading the content and watching the videos. You can participate in the group however much you want! You are going to get out of it what you put into it and this is a mastermind that meets you where you are so we understand if you can’t always show up.

Private Community

This is purposely not on Facebook but on Circle. While the content is hosted on Membervault – our discussions and support will happen on Circle. I know that’s a lot of “sign-ins” but at the moment that is the best option for the community.

What if I have more questions?

Well, then you should email me so I can answer them because I want you to feel good about your investment! My email

We do have some rules, strange I know!

What this means is that if you wish to speak rudely or unkindly or behave inappropriately, you’re not going to be welcome in our space and your access will be revoked.

I expect members to show up with integrity, self-responsibility, and an awesome attitude. If that doesn’t sound like you, this isn’t the right fit for you.

This is an inclusive, supportive community and is open to people of all walks of life – no matter their spiritual/religious orientation, gender identity, and culture + nationality. If you need a space where you can be loved and accepted exactly as you are at this moment, this is the place for you!